Sitemap - 2022 - Resavager

2022 Year in Review

The Way of the Fathers

The Warrior Disciple

Hard Lands, Hard Peoples

Closer to the Primitive

Soul Image of Faustian Man

Might Makes Right Naturalism

Strive For Superiority

The White God of the Warrior Religion

The White Religion and the Misappropriation of Science

Happy Thanksgiving

The Vitalist Warrior Religion

Ethos in the Warrior Religion

The Warlike and Manly Spirit

What Does it Mean to Have Race in the Warrior Religion?

A Fallen God For a Fallen People in the Warrior Religion

Take Charge of Your Bloodline

Fire and Fanaticism in the Warrior Religion

The White Whale and Herman Melville’s Prophecy of Power

The Sacred Fire

Forging a People From a Mass

A Religion for the New Age or The Disciple’s Conception of Nature

Knights, Brotherhoods, and Arthurian Prophecies

War is Father

Religion Governs Culture

Are Americans Still a People?

The Case Against Democratic War in the Warrior Religion

The Primordial Development of Mankind and the Warrior Religion

Converting True Americans to the Warrior Religion

The Koryos and The Warrior Religion

The Life Stolen From Man

American Excellence

The Future of America and the Warrior Religion

Homo americanus by Tomislav Sunic

The Disciple of the Warrior Religion

The Power of Barbaric Vitalism

The Human Type Required for the Warrior Religion

The Demons, Vampiric Spirits, and Gods of America

Kin and Country

The Conflict Between Money and Blood

The Real American Spirit

Gangs, Brotherhoods, and Warrior Religions: The Path Forward

American Warrior Religion


Faith in the Warrior and Kris Kershaw’s The One-Eyed God

Man’s Primordial Will

The Sons of Heracles

The Hanged God

The Divine Fury of the White Devil

Character in the Warrior Religion

The Metaphysical Understanding of the Will

What’s Needed for a Warrior Religion?

Something Darker to Consider

Survival in the Warrior Religion II

The Challenge of the Warrior Religion

Fanaticism in the Warrior Religion

On the Diluting of Hero’s Blood

The Nature of the Gods

Survival in the Warrior Religion

Foundations of the Warrior Religion

Vindications for a Warrior Religion

Decline of the West II, White Cargo, and American Blood

The Vital Force of The Warrior Religion

Making the Warrior Religion

The Decline Of The West I by Oswald Spengler

Action and Conviction are Everything

War as Inner Experience by Ernst Junger

Esoteric Training Power

The “Paradox” of Masculinity

The Axe Wielder, The Disciple of Violence

Reflections from The Desert

Frontier Dreamin’

A New Age is Upon Us

Barbarism vs Civilization and Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis

On Nature

American Man

Warrior Religion

American Metaphysics

Closer Encounters by Jason Reza Jorjani

Desert Power

What is GOATA?

A Pro-Nature Right Wing

On Virtus

The Road to Utnapishtim

Beware of False Idols

A Lesson on War, Courtesy of Caesar