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It’s quite a thing to think about, the Resavaging of Man. For too long, men have had their virile instincts hidden from them by the limp-wristed powers that be. This is a man’s world and it is men who will return it to its rightful place. RESAVAGER is here to help men remember the world as it was, to reawaken what’s already there — in the blood. The road ahead is long and unforgiving. It’s not enough to just go through motions if you want to make through what’s coming, you must be a warrior.

Unrecognized by our modern intellectuals, the cultures we recognize in antiquity for their greatness were so because of the performance of great men. Men of the time yearned for what all mean yearn for: greatness, power, and glory. Leaders fought in the front ranks, their men were physically powerful. As we fall head first toward the techno-dystopia of the future, rebarbarization becomes necessary. The days of comfort have been at our expense and they’re quickly coming to an end.

Rekindling the fire in men’s souls.

Man must be shown the way of the world and way of the ancients. It’s important as a man to know how the men who came before us mastered, conquered, and destroyed their way to the top of the food chain. Somewhere in you is the will to compete, conquer, dominate, and destroy and you must awaken this Nietzschean Will to Power. You can’t just settle for being strong, you have to be more than that. Be who you’re meant to be.

Discard the upside down values of this clown world. Foster instead what makes you great, brave, hard, and manly. Prepare yourself for the world to come. Almost no one is born into the “privilege” we’re accused of having and by the same token, no one is going to stop the sinking ship. The best you can do is make yourself BARBARIAN to the meek culture we’re born into.

Strength will always rule this world. The powers that be have insured as few men as possible possess the force required to turn the wheel. It’s your duty as a man to build that FORCE. To rev the engines. To feel the red blood surging through your veins. Strength differentiates you from other men and in a world of meekness, gives you a leg up on the competition. Strive to be stronger for weak legs equal a weak mind.

DARE to be great. Courage is absent among modern men. There is nothing more important missing from our people. Glory comes only to the men who dare, the ones who choose to stand and fight. Steady your heart and seize your glory.

The all or nothing days are coming back.

RESAVAGER is a made to give you a fighting chance. America needs strong men with virile fighting power. We must usher in the return of powerful warrior religions that will stand up to the money grubbing politicians who are selling out the country wholesale. This land belongs to you only if you fight for it  — and win.

To win, men must be RESAVAGED. Shown the way of Nature. They must be taken out to the frontier and made strong again. Shown what authentic and genuine really means. Taught to have strong moral courage and daring. Become men of devotion. It’s not enough to support rebarbarization, we must also become outstanding men who have the power and courage to fight and win against overwhelming odds.

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Resavager a journal to help men remember what they already know — in the blood. It’s a call to rekindle the fire within all of us. To remember the world as it was. To remember men as beasts in nature. Subscribe immediately!