From back of book:

“America is a big place. There is room for secret covenants, mannerbunds, and Warrior Religions to take hold. For you to make yourself barbaric in the image of your warrior ancestors. When the time comes and the west falls to the barbarians, you yourself will be barbarian. It will be within your power to show a kind of ferocity that will usher in the next age of heroes.”


From back of book:

“The road ahead is long and unforgiving. You must learn the way of the world and way of the ancients. To know how our ancestors mastered, conquered, and destroyed their way to the top of the food chain. Somewhere in you still is this will to master, conquer, and destroy. It must be awakened again.-You must be RESAVAGED again.”

RESAVAGER Vol. 1 is Frontier Disciple’s second published book. It’s the first yearly volume of essays that appear here on RESAVAGER. These have all been remastered for print. If you’re new to RESAVAGER, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start, this book is for you


From back of book:

“What is BARBARIC VITALISM? What is Barbaric Disciple’s HOLY WAR against this modern world? For too long, men have had their barbaric rites hidden from them by the limp-wristed powers-that-be. This is a man’s world and it is men who will return it to its rightful place. BARBARIC VITALISM will help men remember the world as it was, to reawaken what’s already there — in the blood.”

BARBARIC VITALISM is Frontier Disciple’s first published book. It is a collection of essays on Founding Stock Americans and the Warrior Religion. There is included in the book some foundational essays that first appeared on RESAVAGER such as “The Sacred Fire” and the “Strive for Superiority,” but the majority of the book is new and original essays. Barbaric Vitalism is divided into four parts: awakening the American Frontier Spirit, God and Nature, the Warrior Religion, and finally, a new order of American Patricians.

It’s now available on amazog in PRINT and EBOOK formats.