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Why I’m Anti-White(lol) or Barbaric Disciple’s American Racialism

Are you a Son of Mars?

Master the Soil

What the Grek Nobility Asked of Their Sons

Can There a Be a Synthesis Between Christianity and Nietzsche?

The Race Against Ragnarok

The Transvaluation of The Aristocrat

Ethnogenesis May Be Required

What Should Real Americans Call Themselves?

A Critique of the Warrior Religion Project by Johann Kurtz

Nemean Warrior Religion

American Founding Stock and the Kingdom of Darkness

Naturalized Christians and the OG “Liberal Democracy”

On the Chances of a Civil War or National Divorce

American Cultural Heritage

Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy by Costin Alamariu

RESAVAGING the Founding Stock

The Sacred Cow that is the Second World War

Know Who You Are and Where You Come From

Native Americans Beware Foreign Influence

Learning from the Lost Cause



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A Call for American Patricians

The Bravery and Excellence of Achilles


Why You Must TAKE

A Warrior Religion for Americans

You Have to Fight

Norse Pantheon Madness

The NATTY Warrior Religion

Puritan Militant Fanaticism

We Are The Children of Wrath II

We Are The Children of Wrath

New essay for ARKTOS, “Purpose for a People” and Book Announcement, BARBARIC VITALISM, coming soon

The Human Type Required for Martial Peoples

The Constitution is Not What Makes You American

Do you want to be loved by The Gods?

The Titanic Striving Man and Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy

The Joyful Wisdom by Friedrich Nietzsche

Religious Considerations for a Modern Day Paganism

You Must Prepare

The Viking Spirit vs The Order Spirit in Oswald Spengler’s Prussianism and Socialism

The Fabian Strategy vs The Hostile Anti-White Hatred of the left

Which Iliad Translation Should You Read?

We all want a Caesar, but perhaps, we need a Fabius

The Nature of the American Warrior Religion

Barbaric Disciple’s New Article for ARKTOS entitled, “A New Religious Feeling.”

Hellenic Warrior Religion

Programs for Sensitive Young Men

Robinson Jeffers and The End of the American Frontier

The Ancient City by Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges

Fighting Ferocity

American Exceptionalism

Warrior Religion Sitrep

The Thread of Continuity

For a More, Fascist Surfer California

Become Something They Don’t Understand

Is access to White People a human right?

Sons of the Frontier

The Germanic Warrior Ethos

The Fight for Survival

Waiting for the Collapse

Soul Image of the Warrior Disciple

Spearhead, Not Vanguard

The Heralds of the Lightning

The Stagnation of Mankind