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While I certainly believe in the concept that Americans are their own ethnicity or “race,” we are in fact derived from Europeans. So yes we need self agency. Yes we need to unify and identify our ethnogenesis. Yes we are our own new people that is the sum of Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic Euros. BUT, these other whites are our siblings and cousins.

The term white may be used negatively, but it is in and of itself and ethnogenesis term for Euro Collectivization. White does not just refer to skin color. Just like black. It is a broad net cast on anyone of European ancestry.

Yes there are gray areas as with anything, but we can have both. We can have the American ethnicity and all the wides and fixins that go with it... while also acknowledging the greater European brotherhood we are a part of.

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That’s the thing, man.

A benefit of remaining in the old world was maintaining your thread of continuity. A German knows what he is. A Frenchmen knows what he is. Etc etc.

This isn’t the case for Americans who have had their thread of continuity severed at least twice since the founding of the country.

With Euros, they can embrace this last alliance WITHOUT becoming it because they understand it as an alliance to help them survive.

The Americans, however, who LACK that foundation and thread of continuity will make WHITE their soul identity and put themselves in position to be SWINDLED again.

Until Americans know what they are in the blood, I will always be against this because it DOESNT benefit Americans.

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Fair enough. Although I would reckon that building that bridge of American identity in formation of an ethnogenesis necessitates it to a degree. White is a term that has been used by AFS and within America since its conception. But beyond that, Americans HAVE that continuity. We just need to know it and understand it. Ironically it also helps firmly define who is AFS, who is comparable, who is on the periphery, who can become, and who cannot.

The German, Frank, Swede, etc... have long histories. Although there are Euro nations younger than the US. These identities TRANSCEND the State. States have come and gone that have served as expressions of these people, but that is all. The states now do the same thing the USA is doing to Americans. The are all proposition states trying to muddle and belittle what a Swede, Englishman, Irishman, etc... is.

The only advantage they have is that this has started for them a bit later than it did for the US (so we are an ever present foreshadowing for them). Beyond that, they simply look back as far back as they can in their history. THIS GOES FURTHER than their nation state might. It goes further than several iterations of states even.

They trace their history back to points even of migrations to where they are know to be now. Uncovering the common origin points of the Euro People. America shares in that. Americans are primarily Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic people. NW Europeans. Under an Anglo-Saxon unification umbrella.

When discovering our ancient roots we can celebrate and recognize where we got the concepts, beliefs, and blood, that with this soil and experience, birthed Americans. This is why we can also lean into the PIE/IE origins. This was a huge deal to many Americans of the early 1900s. When America was in the midst of a cultural renaissance while struggling with the undesirable traits that would lead us astray.

I love your ideas for sure. But I think there is something even bigger here that Americans can harness to revive the American Race. We need those three components of race. Race of the blood, soul, and spirit.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, keep kicking ass!

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White is absolutely used by AFS. I've defined AFS as having bloodline in new world BEFORE civil war.

The reason I’m against using White is because it’s a term weaponized by our enemies to erase our heritage as Americans. We say White because they don’t want us to say American in the same way people used to say they were proud to be _____, but now what do you think of when you hear the word “pride.”

White also covers up all those races you mentioned.

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Yeah I guess I just think there is a middle path. We can take on it.

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The founding stock of America is either completely gone or too negligible to make any significant difference. Tragic though it be, that's the way it is. Any featherless biped of whatever physiognomy, hue, and bodily stature that can slither across the borders is now an American. The term has devolved into meaninglessness. Those of us, whites who are racially conscious, are Aryans and that no one can ever take away from us as it transcends national and territorial boundaries. Our race is our nation, regardless of location.

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This is a possibility. Ethnogenesis may be required.

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