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A great post as per your usual, Barbaric Disciple. The Puritans are given a bad rap by the usual suspects. They were very disciplined and hard working but they were not robots. More than a few young, unmarried Puritan girls in their mid-teens got "knocked up" from pre-marital sex and getting tanked on distilled spirits for Puritans was far from an anomaly. Your statement on the wife complaining that her spouse wasn't plowing her enough brought to mind the fact that in the ancient Aryan Celtic tribes, a married woman had the right to take on a lover if her husband wasn't sexually satisfying her. Needless to say, the Celtic men had the same right. The different races had different origins and in truth, if the biologists gave humans the same standards they do with other animals, would be considered different species. As the incomparable Adolph Hitler said, our God is the one who created our people and we are answerable only to him. True strength comes directly from discipline as our Aryan forebears knew full well. The Jews can stick their "original sin" guilt trip where the sun don't shine. Even as a kid, I thought it was asinine that I should have to pay the freight for something some fool allegedly did thousands of years ago. Sinn Fein & 88!

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