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Liberalism has grafted all other religions into itself. There are queer, feminist versions of every religion from Catholicism to Hinduism to even Islam. The proud philosophy of stoicism has been distilled by Ryan holiday into office worker motivational quotes. Perhaps we will need to reconquista these religions instead of inventing one from whole cloth. Christians would do well to return to the noble religion of the crusaders from its present state of Christ-cuckery

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“The goal and purpose of the men in your warrior religion to be unfuckwithable.” Love this

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"Western weakness has gone east it seems." What are you on about, mate? You think getting ordered to kill your brother wouldn't demoralize you? Ukrainian and Russian people are very similar genetically and quite a big chunk of them (especially at the border) have family in Ukraine. Some regions are 50% Russian. That's why Russian army is using chechens to do most of their butchering (they're not very good at it).

The ideal scenario, an impossible one, after the events of 2014 and onwards, is that Ukraine surrenders and embraces liberators with open arms, that was the whole plan and it didn't fly. You don't shock & awe people you expect to surrender. Russian high command is just a bunch of yes-men that led to this shitshow.

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