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David. Paul. Maccabees. Crusades. Every Old Testament War. If it wasn’t natural then why did your pagan ancestors all freely convert? Why did they continue to be warriors? Why did they go from being Clan Chieftains to Kings and Knights? You only view Christianity through a post Enlightenment Protestant view. You should probably look more into the Catholic view. There’s a reason Junger converted to it at the end of his life. Naturally speaking the greatest men weren’t just the men who slaughtered everyone, it was the ones who were capable but showed wisdom and restraint in the right places. Also David is a very similar story to Herakles

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I like this. As a longtime member of a Japanese Koryu Bujutsu (essentially an archaic combatives cult) I recognize there are both tutilary and worshipped deities around which warrior seed-religions/sword-cults have formed and existed in various iterations over thousands of years. Some still quietly exist from antiquity.

Faint threads of ancient warriorship persist in the west but is very faint indeed. I'm just a nobody anon, yet I cannot endorce this highly enough.

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