Another banger from BD!

"So Americans rightfully saw the Indians as either not human or less than human. The Indians themselves likely had similar ideas about the Americans in turn."

I agree with this. As Thomas Berger tells it in Little Big Man, the Cheyenne referred to themselves as "the human beings," implying that others were less than. It's a novel, but I believe this historical detail is accurate.

Also, check out this interesting excerpt from the list of grievances against the British Crown from South Carolina's original constitution, which was the first instrument for independent government in the American colonies:

"... the Roman Catholic religion and an absolute government are established in [Quebec], and its limits extended through a vast tract of country, so as to border on the free Protestant English settlements, with design of using a whole people differing in religious principles from the neighboring colonies, and subject to arbitrary power, as fit instruments to overawe and subdue the colonies."

BD is also correct to point out that American Protestants were not always so naive about the threat posed by the Catholic Church!

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Great article, Barbaric Disciple. Ancient Christianity was a spiritual faith for whites and Christ was an Aryan God, predating the time when the man known as Jesus walked the earth. It had nothing to do with the Jews. The Jews hijacked it and watered it down into the Jesus as a wimp, Yid, hippy who loves every featherless biped, mongrel, and pervert on earth. An ideal weapon to use in destroying the white race. If biologists employed the same methodology they do with every other animal in this world, they would acknowledge and classify the different races as completely different species. The Indians killed, tortured, raped, mutilated, and enslaved each other's tribes well before the white man came upon the scene. In fact, many Indians of various tribes acted as scouts for white soldiers and warring parties against other Indians because they hated these antagonistic Indian tribes far more than they did the white man. They would fight side by side with the white man against them. These asshole white pussies who piss and moan about the fate of the precious "Native Americans" are disgusting hypocrites. I'll believe in their sincerity when one of the punks wills all of his or her money and property to an indigenous Indian tribe and then promptly commits suicide. Con-artist-servatives are just as detestable as liberals, part of the same control cage. The Roman Catholic "Church" has always been a haven for pedophiles, perverts, Jews, race-mixers, and Babylonian dressed vermin. Any disputation between the Catholic church and the Jews is just a quarrel between two sets of rabbis. They both wear yarmulkes on their duplicitous heads. A maxim for Aryans should be that you can profess or adhere to any religion that suits you, as long as it and you puts your race first and foremost.

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