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It doesn't matter whether the nation (that is no longer a nation) is Protestant (which is an off-shoot of Catholicism) or Catholic, all organized religion is a mind control, mind fuck, manipulative scam and should be consigned to the dustbin of history. What matters is the innate spirituality of a race and its individual members, and the only race of my concern is the Aryan. No territorial, polyglot, mixed multitude of every conceivable race, mongrels, and featherless bipeds such as the U.S. has the chance of a sno-cone in Hell for survival. It always implodes and disintegrates. Your book, "Barbaric Vitalism" is excellent. Thus far, my only criticism is when you write of the Holocaust as a necessary historical occurrence, albeit greatly exaggerated. In truth, the Holocaust is the greatest hoax of all time and this was proven in a Canadian court case in the 1980s. That is why, "Holocaust Denial" is a crime in so many countries and the brave people who have pointed out this monstrous swindle have been subjected to criminal prosecution, incarceration, and vicious physical assaults. The Shoah must go on.

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