Some folks have postulated that the South lost because the Rebs got too tuckered out constantly whupping Yankees. William Manchester, a New Englander, in his memoir as a Marine in the Pacific theater, World War Two, ("Goodbye Darkness"), spoke in awe of the ferocious fighting abilities of the U.S. Marines from the South. As he put it, they were "born killers". They relished combat and would pierce the air with their blood curdling, rebel war whoops when assaulting a Japanese position. Both the Americans and the Japanese would place two men in a foxhole and during the night, one would always have to be awake while his comrade slept. However due to exhaustion, the man on watch more often than not fell asleep too. A favorite tactic of the Southerners was to move like phantoms to the Japanese lines and upon reaching one of their foxholes, cut the throat of one of the Jap troopers, swiftly and silently. The assailant could have easily killed both but he wanted the other Jap to wake up seeing his bloodied and dead foxhole mate which would totally fuck his head up. Manchester said that even with great superiority in numbers and firepower, he never understood how his Yankee ancestors could have beaten the Rebels. Though I greatly admired him as a child growing up, as an adult I see Robert E. Lee was either seriously flawed as a commanding general or he surreptitiously worked for the North. His constant attacks against heavily fortified Northern positions tore his army to shreds. It was tantamount to mass suicide. The slaughter at Gettysburg exemplified this. The southern forces never recovered from that blood-fest. He must have known that the war was highly unpopular in the North with the baboon, criminal Lincoln readily imprisoning anyone who even spoke against it to quell anti-war resistance. He should have fought largely a defensive war of attrition from the southern side of the Mason-Dixon line which would have negated the North's advantage in numbers and gradually ground them down over a protracted period of time while the anti-war tide swelled into a tsunami. There is a better than even chance that Lee was a high level Freemason like so many ranking officers on both sides were. There were many instances of secret cooperation between them as their loyalty to Masonry transcends loyalty to nation. That is an aspect of the War Between the States that should be delved into further. As for the war we're in, the only chance is to target the puppet politicians and top notch bureaucrats who give the orders to oppress, exploit, abuse and kill us. Take them out viciously with precision and well formulated guerrilla strikes and ultimately the Controller's house of cards will crumble as their soulless mercenaries will evaporate sans leadership and direction. Then proceed to totally clean house and send the rest of them to Hell with extreme prejudice.

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